The South West of WA produces some of the best Riesling in Australia. 

Riesling wines range from water white in colour to straw green and deep yellow-gold. This high-acid variety displays zesty, juicy flavours of lemon, lime and tart Granny Smith apples when it is less ripe, and richer, warmer flavours such as apricot, pineapple and ginger as it increases in sweetness. As it ages, it begins to show nutty, toasty and honeyed characters.

Pairing riesling with food

The refreshing flavours of a young WA riesling will make a perfect pairing with anything you’d serve with a squeeze of citrus, with seafood being a classic example. Off-dry styles are great with salt and spice, thanks to their combination of sugar, acid and a lower percentage of alcohol – try them with a creamy curry or a flavour-packed Asian stir-fry.

Serving temperature for riesling

Riesling doesn’t need to be chilled to icy temperatures before drinking. A short stint in the fridge is fine around 9c. If served too cold you will hide the flavours.

Gilberts Wines

2021 Alira Riesling


Dukes Vineyard

2018 Cellar Riesling



2018 Third Reef Riesling


Three Elms

LV Riesling


The Lake House

2019 Postcard Riesling


The Lake House

2019 Res Riesling


Castle Rock

2018 A&W Riesling


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