Hawkers Ridge Wines

2004 Riesling

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This is an absolute gem of a find. There are very few wineries who have an aged Riesling available.

The 2004 Hawker Ridge Riesling has had plenty of time to build complexity over the years. 

Expect BIG Citrus on the nose.

Western Australian Riesling plays a ballet between Lemon and Lime flavours, with the vast majority dancing on the lemon side of flavours. This vintage of Hawker ridge leans on a Lime feel with just a subtle bit of lemon. It's absolutely full of flavour.

Partners in Wine WA Notes: Big nose, big flavours. Dry, Fruit and acid well balanced. Certainly on the Lime citrus side of flavours. Very enjoyable. Also very rare to find an older vintage like this, especially for the price.

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