Donnelly River

Pemberton Cleanskin

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The Donnelly River Cleanskin has fresh tropical fruit aromas which follow a full flavoured palate with a crisp finish. 

Sauvignon Blanc & Semillon blend create a good value drop and a good table wine for keeping you happy mid week.

A cleanskin wine is simply a bottle of wine from a winery that for any number of reasons decides not to sell it under their own parent label. You can expect to save a considerable amount off the normal price of these wines and can be good value. They can show good varietal and regional characters and put the focus back on the wine buyer to say ‘I like this wine’ without any label preconception. We have all heard people say ‘X' wine must be good because it is from ‘Y' company.

Sometimes the wine in question may have been a branded wine that were originally sold at a higher price and then re-labelled as a cleanskin, or they may be wines produced for the purpose of being sold as cleanskins. Consequently, the quality of various batches of cleanskin wines can vary  from bottling to bottling.

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