Sparkling wine has evolved beyond the classic methods of production, and one style gaining popularity is “Pétillant Naturel,” affectionately known as “Pét-Nat.” This effervescent delight offers a distinctively natural approach, setting it apart from the more traditional methods like the revered “Méthode Traditionnelle.”

Woodgate pet nat rose

 Embracing the Natural: What is Pét-Nat?

Pét-Nat, short for Pétillant Naturel, translates to “naturally sparkling.” Unlike traditional sparkling wines, Pét-Nat follows a more straightforward and ancient winemaking technique. The key characteristic is that it completes its primary fermentation in the bottle, capturing the inherent bubbles.

The Pét-Nat Process:

  1. Early Harvest: Grapes are harvested a bit earlier to ensure higher acidity, essential for the natural sparkling process.
  2. Whole Bunch Pressing: Grapes are pressed whole, extracting juice with minimal skin contact.
  3. Unfined and Unfiltered: Pét-Nat embraces a “hands-off” approach, avoiding filtration and fining to preserve the natural flavours and aromas.
  4. Bottling Before Fermentation Completes: The wine is bottled before the primary fermentation finishes, trapping carbon dioxide produced by the yeast in the bottle.

How Pét-Nat Differs from Méthode Traditionnelle:

  1. Timing of Fermentation: In Méthode Traditionnelle, primary fermentation occurs before bottling, while Pét-Nat starts its fermentation in the bottle.
  2. Additives and Intervention: Pét-Nat often refrains from additives and excessive intervention, emphasizing a more natural winemaking philosophy.
  3. Yeasty Undertones: Pét-Nat can showcase pronounced yeastiness due to the ongoing fermentation in the bottle, offering a unique flavour profile compared to the cleaner taste of Méthode Traditionnelle.

The Charm of Pét-Nat:

  1. Unpredictable Elegance: Pét-Nat’s natural fermentation can result in a more unpredictable flavour profile, adding an element of excitement to each bottle.
  2. Versatility: Pét-Nat can be made with various grape varieties, offering a range of styles from crisp and fruity to more complex and savory.
  3. Quenchable Nature: Lighter in alcohol and often served chilled, Pét-Nat is refreshingly quaffable, making it perfect for casual occasions.

Exploring Pét-Nat Wines:

  1. Global Appeal: Pét-Nat is produced worldwide, with notable examples from France, Italy, and beyond. Western Australia has a small, but growing list of producers like Woodgate
  2. Food Pairing: Due to its natural and diverse flavours, Pét-Nat pairs well with a variety of dishes, from seafood to charcuterie.


In a world of sparkling wine options, Pét-Nat stands out as a true artisanal creation, celebrating the raw essence of the grape and the winemaking process. Whether you’re a seasoned wine enthusiast or a curious newcomer, exploring the effervescent world of Pét-Nat is a journey worth taking. Cheers to embracing the natural fizz of Pétillant Naturel!

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