bottle of Cleanskin Margaret River Cleanskin Pinot Grigio 2023

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Margaret River Cleanskin Pinot Grigio 2023

Margaret River Pinot Grigio

This Pinot Grigio Cleanskin from Margaret River represents amazing value!

The 2023 vintage is predominantly citrus based, with lemon aromas and flavours the predominant force. Subtle stone fruit as well.

picture of cleanskin pinot grigio, western australia. Cleanskin wine delivery perth

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What is Cleanskin Wine?

A cleanskin wine is a red wine, white wine or sparkling that has no label or information on the winery.

There are many reasons that a wine might not get labelled, the two most common are;

Over production or a surplus of wine on the market reducing the price on the bulk wine market
Branded wines that were originally sold at a higher price and due to a new vintage were not labelled.
Due to these reasons there is some amazing value to be found in a cleanskin. You could very well be drinking a bottle worth $20 or more.

What makes Western Australian wine so highly acclaimed worldwide?

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picture of cleanskin wine, western australia, perth. Wine delivery perth

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