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Faber Vineyard

CBP – Chenin Blanc Pressings 2022

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Faber Vineyard CBP – Chenin Blanc Pressings

Wow, notice anything different here? Well, not only does it look distinctive, but the taste is a delightful departure in all the right ways. Chenin Blanc in the Swan Valley is known for producing a brilliantly vibrant, lighter style of white wine, boasting fruit-forward characters and a tantalizing acidity.

Faber Vineyards mission? To take those fantastic Chenin Blanc traits and fashion a more captivating, intricate style. Mouth-filling and refreshing, this is a remarkable interpretatison of a Swan Valley classic, balancing flavours with finesse. It’s a true testament to the essence of the region, making each sip a delightful experience.

And here’s the exciting part: letting it age, will gracefully evolve over time so get a few bottles and put away a couple for a few years.

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Enter the Faber Barrel-Fermented Chenin Blanc Pressings. These pressings spend a generous three months in ex-chardonnay casks, maturing and developing before being bottled and released in their youthful glory. The result? A delicious, versatile drink that pairs beautifully with a variety of foods. Enjoying it a perfectly seared tuna, or fatty fish is a match made in heaven.

Absolutely delightful, this wine is a refreshing symphony of gentle salinity, succulence, and pure deliciousness. It unveils the vibrant flavours of lime and green apple juice, accompanied by subtle cashew savouriness that adds a touch of complexity. The fine chalky elements contribute a satisfying texture, offering both chomp and chew.

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Faber Vineyard in the Swan Valley is fast becoming one of the region’s most prestigious. 11 acres was planted by John & Jane in 1998-2000 and in 2016-2017. Three quarters of the vines are Shiraz, Verdelho and Brown Muscat, the balance Petit Verdot and Chardonnay.

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