bottle of Happs Preservative Free Rosé 2022 (Dry)

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Preservative Free Rosé 2022 (Dry)

Happs Preservative Free Rose 2022

If you love rosé but suffer from an asthmatic type response to wine, headaches or other inconvenience – our new PF Pink is perfect for you.

The Happs Preservative Free Rosé is perfumed with bright red berry fruit and creamy strawberries. A delectably dry, light rosé with plenty of texture and a lovely crisp finish. A perfect picnic wine that won’t cause any allergies! A Blend of 61% Merlot. 20% Viognier & 19% Muscat.
What is PF?
Although Sulphur dioxide is the main preservative used in winemaking worldwide, it is also a known allergen which prevents many consumers from freely enjoying wine. Here at Happs we apply careful techniques to create elegant wines without the use sulphur or other allergens such as fish, nuts and milk products.

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The Happs Winery story starts with its foundation in 1978, Happs and Commonage Pottery has a long and inspiring story as one of the pioneering, family-run wineries and in the Margaret River region.

It all started way back when, two local high school teachers, Erl and Ros Happ fell in love in 1969.

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