We just love the wines from Singlefile, they are without doubt one of our favourites in Western Australia.

So here is a little more about the story of Singlefile.

Singlefile Wines, co-founded in 2007 by geologists Phil and Viv Snowden, along with their daughter Pam and son-in-law Patrick Corbett, emerged from a shared passion for wine. The family’s journey began during Patrick and Pam’s time in Italy, solidifying their appreciation for exceptional wines. In 2004, after selling their consultancy, Snowden Mining, Phil and Viv, along with Patrick and Pam, explored Australia’s wine regions to find the ideal location for crafting exceptional cool-climate wines.

Their search led them to Denmark in Western Australia, where they discovered a vineyard that promised the ultimate expression of Denmark’s terroir. Drawing on their geological expertise, Phil and Viv selected this property, now the home of Singlefile, and the foundation of its acclaimed Chardonnay wines.

Patrick and Pam, after building the Cellar Door, relocated to the east coast for a year to expand distribution and awareness of Singlefile. Phil and Viv focused on viticultural practices, growing the cellar door presence, and maintaining oversight of the vineyards.

Today, Patrick oversees wine production, Pam manages day-to-day operations, and Phil and Viv reside on the Denmark property, overseeing the vineyards and Cellar Door. Singlefile has evolved into a respected winery, staying true to its small boutique roots.

The winery prioritizes quality with a minimal intervention approach, crafting wines as naturally as possible to showcase the environment’s nuances. Widely recognized in the Great Southern region, Singlefile is driven by a pursuit of excellence, evident in its Latin motto, Semper Superne Nitens – “the pursuit of excellence.”

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bottle of Singlefile Winery | Denmark, Western Australia