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Bindoon Estate

Organic Vineyard Chardonnay Blend 2023

Bindoon Estate | Certified Organic Winery

The 2023 Vintage of this Chardonnay & Verdelho blend is light and refreshing.

Dry, tropical fruits on the nose which translate onto the palate with peaches and citus. Punchy acid is apparent from start to finish.

25% of the wine spends 6 months on new oak, then gets put back into the blend. This gives it a richer texture, with a crisp, clean finish.
If you like an unoaked Chardonnay that is fruit forward, or a medium bodied Verdelho, then this Bindoon blend will be your friend. Albeit the Verdelho is a smaller part of the blend it has a very Verdelho feel to it.

bottle of Bindoon Estate Organic Vineyard Chardonnay Blend 2023




Organic notes: Bindoon Estate is certified organic, however, the winemaker also processes non organic vineyard fruits so the winery does not promote that it’s a finished organic wine. Minimal preservative 220 is added (sulphite)

Organic Certification # 10952 (ACO)

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