bottle of Break Free Bliss Bomb Pet Nat 2023

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Break Free

Bliss Bomb Pet Nat 2023

Break Free Chenin Pet Nat

This delightful, light and utterly smashable sparkling wine has aromatic ginger and lemongrass notes, bright and vibrant green straw colour and a fresh palate of apples, pears and citrus blossoms. Ideally served on a picnic blanket, some cheese, pate, fruits and some great friends.

The Break Free range are vegan friendly use minimal sulphites and/or preservatives.

100% Chenin Blanc from the Swan Valley.

Break Free natural wines are born from a desire to showcase grapes with no intervention, to hero a true expression of their essence. Break Free wine is a sideshoot of Cladestine Vineyards, with a lot of fruit coming from the Swan Districts. Break Free wines centre around appreciating a grape’s heritage and flavour. Free from Pesticides, Free from Herbicides, Free from Additions, Free from Filtrations, it’s natural all the way.


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