bottle of cleanskin cabernet sauvignon from geopgraphe wine region in western australia.

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Cleanskin Premium Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

Cleanskin Cabernet Sauvignon

This is only a small batch release.

This 2018 cleanskin Cabernet Sauvignon from Geographe, Ferguson Valley wine region, is from a very reputable winery.

It has a nose providing the cassis, bay leaf, violet and black cherry typical of the best Cabernets. At it’s heart is a medium body, with a core of sweet red and black berries supported by persistent ripe tannins. It’s medium fruit weight provides a very pleasant drinking experience all year round.

The labelled version from this winery retails for $36!! which we are happy to share with your privately.

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What is Cleanskin Wine?

A cleanskin wine is a red wine, white wine or sparkling that has no label or information on the winery.

There are many reasons that a wine might not get labelled, the two most common are;

Over production or a surplus of wine on the market reducing the price on the bulk wine market
Branded wines that were originally sold at a higher price and due to a new vintage were not labelled.
Due to these reasons there is some amazing value to be found in a cleanskin. You could very well be drinking a bottle worth $20 or more.

What makes Western Australian wine so highly acclaimed worldwide?

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