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L.A.S. Vino

CBDB Chenin Blanc Dynamic Blend 2021

L.A.S Vino CBDB 2021 (Chenin Blanc Dynamic Blend).

A certified organic and biodynamic site at the northern end of the cape. The vineyard is mostly unkept, unpruned and lacks traditional trellising. The vines sprawl everywhere where pigs, geese, guineafowl and cows roam free. The site faces north with a little creek running through the middle of the vineyard.  Native flowers and plants grow under the rows with no herbicides or pesticides sprayed and no cultivation. It is one of only a few certified biodynamic vineyards in the region and was one of the first to receive Demeter certification.

The fruit is hand picked and showed varied levels of ripeness through the vineyard and crop, chilled overnight and hand sorted prior to being lightly cold pressed as whole bunches, very gently over a few hours. The juice was left to naturally settle prior to a wild fermention. Spent 10 months in barrique/amphora.

A rich palate of pink grapefruit, coconut, passionfruit, passiona, pavlova and lime.

picture of las vino wine, Margaret River. Wine delivery perth

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LAS Vino CBDB ‘Chenin Blanc Dynamic Blend’

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