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Chenin Blanc 2022

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Myattsfield Vineyard Chenin Blanc 2022

Myattsfield Chenin Blanc is a white wine produced by Myattsfield Vineyards, an acclaimed winery located in the Bickley Valley region of Western Australia.

Known for its vibrant and refreshing character. It typically displays a pale straw or light golden color in the glass. On the nose, you may experience a combination of fruity and floral aromas. Common fruit notes include green apple, pear, citrus, and sometimes tropical fruits like pineapple. Floral scents such as honeysuckle and jasmine may also be present, adding to the wine’s aromatic profile.

When it comes to the taste, Myattsfield Chenin Blanc often showcases a well-balanced combination of crisp acidity and fruit flavours. The palate can offer citrus fruits like lemon and lime, alongside more rounded fruit notes like ripe apple and pear. Some examples of Myattsfield Chenin Blanc may also exhibit hints of tropical fruits or stone fruits, adding complexity to the wine. The wine’s acidity contributes to its refreshing and zesty nature.

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Partners In Wine WA Tasting Review: A beautiful expression of Chenin. Crisp, dry with an abundance of granny smith apple. This is a delight to drink!

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Myattsfield Vineyard is a beautiful boutique winery nested in the Perth Hills region.

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