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Myattsfield Vineyard Durif 2019

The Myattsfield Durif is definitely for someone who likes a big, bold Shiraz. Durif tends to assert its robust character, which we embrace, crafting a bold, dry red that showcases the grape’s inherent qualities.

As a full-bodied dry red, this wine will complement hearty meat dishes superbly, especially a juicy steak bursting with flavour. Given its robust nature, long-term cellaring is highly recommended—ideally for over 10 years.

Following maceration and fermentation, we age the Durif in oak for about 18 months, primarily to mellow and mature the wine. We steer clear of new oak, as the grape itself boasts ample tannins, and we aim to avoid overwhelming it with additional oak tannins. Upon crushing the grapes, the intensity of the Durif’s colour is striking—it exudes a deep, almost inky hue akin to Vegemite, staining hands and equipment alike.

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Partners In Wine WA tasting Review: Never heard of a Durif ? Give it a go. It’s a bold , full bodied drop. This is one of my favourites. Myattsfield was the first winery in Australia to plant a Durif, and I am sure glad they did!

95 Points – Nick Butler, The Real Review

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Myattsfield Vineyard is a beautiful boutique winery nested in the Perth Hills region.

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