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Sparkling Methode Traditional NV

Rockcliffe Winery Sparkling

The Rockcliffe Methode Traditionelle Sparkling Cuvee NV has an enchanting fruity bouquet.

A fuller style of traditional method sparkling with delicate mousse and attractive aromas of brioche, white peach and cashew with hints of strawberries coming through.

A worthy addition to sparkle your day.

About Rockcliffe Wines:
Rockcliffe Winery is nestled in the beautiful Denmark area of Western Australia surrounded by the magical Karri forest. The journey of Rockcliffe Winery began in 1987 when the first vines of Pinot and Chardonnay were planted, marking the inception of what would become a pioneering endeavour in the district. Below the Rockcliffe Winery, granite cliffs lay the groundwork for our terroir. It is these very cliffs that lend inspiration to our name and impart the distinctive character found in our wines. As the vines delve into the fractures of the granite to draw essential water and nutrients, they imbue our wines with unique notes that define the beautiful Rockcliffe Winery. This harmonious interplay between the land and the vines encapsulates the essence of our wines, seamlessly blending tradition with the exceptional geological features of our location.

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Partners In Wine WA Tasting Review: This is best suited to someone who loves a really dry Sparkling. If you do, then you will love this!

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