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Mount Trio

Porongurup Pinot Noir 2022

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Mount Trio Vineyard Porongurup Pinot Noir

Prepare to discover a hidden gem in the world of Pinot Noir with the Mount Trio ‘Porongurup’ series.

Drawing exclusively from the Porongurup region, the fruit is sourced from vines that have reached their prime, with ages ranging from 20 to 30 years. These low-yielding vines, combined with the moderate climatic conditions, allow the Pinot Noir to ripen slowly, resulting in a wine of remarkable depth and flavour.

The 2022 vintage exudes a fragrant and complex character, with vibrant raspberry fruits dancing upon the senses. Delicate yet full of flavour, the wine unveils a symphony of fresh, mixed berry fruit flavours. A subtle spiciness adds an alluring complexity, while a hint of smokiness further enhances the wine’s captivating profile. Embodying the hallmark characteristics of Pinot Noir, it showcases a gentle palate weight with a superb textural quality.

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Partners In Wine WA Tasting Review: A bigger body of fruit in the 2022 vintage compared with the previous two vintages. Very enjoyable indeed!

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