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Gourmet Strawberry Jam - Infused with Sparkling Wine

Vinofood Gourmet Strawberry Jam - Infused with Sparkling Wine

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Chardonnay Wine Jelly

Vinofood Chardonnay Wine Jelly

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Tomato & Riesling Relish 

Vinofood Tomato & Riesling Relish

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Orange, Ginger & Chardonnay Marmalade

Vinofood Marmalade

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Make Your Own - Custom Gift Box

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Just Add Wine ‘Condiments Pack’

Vinofood Condiment Wine Gift Pack

This is our ‘Just Add Wine’ series that comes with 4x Vinofood condiments.

Add this to your cart, then browse our site and select the wines you want. We suggest you add 2x wines.

A perfect gift presented in a beautifully wrapped gift box, with ribbon and a custom message.

Condiments in this pack include;

-Vinofood Sparkling Strawberry Jam
Bursting with flavour, our Sparkling Strawberry Jam is packed full of goodness with Australian strawberries. Bring your A game to your next champagne breakfast with a jam that will have everyone asking for more. Great for toast or on freshly baked scones with jam and cream. 230gr Jar.
AWARDS- GOLD – Royal Hobart Food Awards.

Ingredients: Pectin (Vegetable Based), Sparkling White Wine, Strawberries, Sugar

-Vinofood Orange, Ginger & Chardonnay Marmalade
Locally Grown Orange Marmalade: Sweet, Tangy, and Versatile Discover the perfect balance of sweet and bitter in our locally grown Orange Marmalade. Infused with a hint of ginger and wine, this unique and incredibly tasty spread is perfect for smearing on toast any time of day. Elevate your culinary creations by using it as a delightful glaze for ham, Marinate with Beef or as a warm drizzle over freshly baked cakes. Indulge in the vibrant flavours of our Orange Marmalade and experience a delightful burst of taste. 235gr Jar
AWARDS- BRONZE – Royal Perth Food Awards.

Ingredients: Oranges, Pectin (Vegetable Based), Preserved Ginger, Sugar, White Wine

-Vinofood Chardonnay Wine Jelly
Add a WOW to your grazing board with our Chardonnay Wine Jelly. It turns cheese into a taste sensation. You can spoon it out of the jar or melt down to re-mould to create your own shape for your grazing board. Not only is this great for your cheese platters, but wine jelly can also be used in desserts. 215gr Jar

Ingredients: Pectin (Vegetable Based), Rosemary, Sugar, White Wine (Chardonnay)

-Tomato and Riesling Relish
If you are looking for a must-have for your pantry, then our Tomato & Riesling Relish should be on your list. This rich and flavoursome relish is so versatile in the kitchen you will wonder how you lived without it. Enjoy with your pizza or pasta, it compliments scrambled eggs, sandwiches and burgers, or as an alternative to tomato sauce. Add some to your curry or casserole to take it to the next level. You won’t be disappointed. 215gr Jar
AWARDS- GOLD – Perth Royal Show.

Ingredients: Cayenne Pepper, Curry Powder, Fennel, Mustard, Onion, Salt, Sugar
Tomatoes, White Wine, White Wine Vinegar

In our ‘Just Add Wine’ series this allows you to select your own wines to the Condiments. The price does not include the wine.


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Wines pictured are for illustration purposes only.

Due to the fragile nature of gift boxes we only deliver these in Perth.
Wine Packs make the perfect gift outside of Perth as we can ship them Australia-wide. Check them out HERE

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Are you looking to buy some great wine as a gift? Well, look no further as we have every wine lover covered.

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At checkout choose your delivery date (Perth Only) and type in a personal message to your loved one. We don’t ship gift boxes outside of Perth due to their fragile nature, however, we can send them one of our Wine Packs 

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